Translation/Customization of SME Other Guides

Nationally Customized Versions of the WIPO/ITC and Other Guides

In a wide range of countries, a number of our partners have completed or taken up the national customization (for example, by translation into one or more local languages and/or national adaptation, based on relevant national IP laws and examples) of the WIPO/ITC Guides. The following table reflects the current status of work, including access to PDF versions of the nationally customized guides that have been created at the entire responsibility of the partner institution concerned.

Country Language
Exchanging Value
Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts
Secrets of IP for Exporters
A Stitch in Time Making IP Work for Business
Translation Customization Translation Customization Translation Customization Translation Customization
Armenia Armenian           *     *  
Bulgaria Bulgarian             *    
 CaCIA-Camera di Commercio Italo Argentina  Italian    *    *   *     *  *
 CaCIA-Camera di Commercio Italo Argentina  Spanish    *    *    *    *  *
Croatia Croatian *                
Spanish               *  



Indonesia Indonesian              *    
Iran Persian *                

Italy Italy (Seconda Università degli studi di Napoli

Italian               *  
Italy (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi - UIBM)



Latvia Latvian *                *
Lithuania Lithuanian               *  
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Macedonian *       *        
Pakistan English               *  
Poland Polish                 *
Serbia Serbian *   *   *        
Slovakia Slovakian *                
Thailand Thai         *        
Turkey Turkish         *      
Vietnam Vietnamese * - *
Part 1 - Part 2
      *     *