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New Patented Fabric is Key to Enterprise Success Grindi Srl.

The story of Grindi Srl. is closely related to the development of the Suberis® invention, an innovative fabric made of cork that is smooth as velvet, light as silk, washable, unscratchable, spotless, waterproof and fireproof.  Few other products are said to have similar features of durability, softness and versatility as can be found in Suberis®. In other words, it is a unique product, covered by patent protection in a large number of countries, produced solely by Grindi Srl.

Suberis fabric originates from the bark, which is extracted from the cork oak tree (Quercus suber L.). This kind of tree has its ideal habitat in the Mediterranean area and one of the highest qualities of cork can be found in Sardinia. Through a long and demanding series of stages, after years of seasoning and sorting out the best kinds, the cork is treated and processed into thin sheets (a few tenths of a millimeter) to get a fabric and yarn branded with the Suberis label.

This new fabric came to life out of the instinct, research and hard work of Mrs. Anna Grindi, founder of the company. In 1997, using only raw natural materials, she discovered the recipe for obtaining this silky and resistant fabric from cork.

After testing and codifying the treatment, in order to preserve this revolutionary item, in 1998 Mrs. Grindi filed an International Patent Application through the PCT. In 1999, the International Preliminary Examination Authority (or IPEA) issued a positive International Preliminary Examination Report for the Process for Treating Linenized Cork Sheets.

The official presentation of the new product to the press and economic operators happened on March 29, 2000, at the prestigious venue of La Scala in Milan. Since then, both the national and international press busy themselves with Suberis, with articles and reports appearing on national television broadcasts as well.

Suberis receives attention daily from industrial and commercial sectors around the globe and from government institutions and Chambers of Commerce in Italy and abroad. The fabric is marketed exclusively by Grindi Srl., which has its legal headquarters in Tempio Pausania (SS). The product stirs up more and more growing interest from industry, designer, fashion and furniture operators, as well as from the motor-industry and air-navy sectors.

The Suberis fabric is distributed all over the world by the firm that produces it, across specialized channels, in order to be used in car seats, boats, sofas, helicopters interiors, clothes and outfits, footwear, sportswear and so on.


The International Patent Application on the Process for Treating Linenized Cork Sheets has reached the national phase designating the following jurisdictions:

  • AUSTRALIA: request number 7787/98;
  • CANADA: request number 2319645;
  • CHINA : Patent number 98813647-3
  • SOUTH KOREA: issue number 2001 0040984;
  • JAPAN: issue number 2002- 502730;
  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Patent number 6419991
  • EUROPE UNION: European Patent Number EP-1056576, extended to all signatory Countries of the European Patent Convention, Italy included.

In addition, a new International Patent Application on the Process for the Manufacturing of a Cork Yarn, Yarn and Fabric Thereby Obtained has been filed in the year 2002 (WO 02/0557567).

The Suberis Trademark

The Suberis® trademark has been registered as a figurative trademark in the European Union through the Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM) and in other key markets. The trademark is considered a key to the marketing of the product and great efforts are made to promote it in the relevant markets.

Company information

Production: Grindi Srl.
Factory: Tempio Pausania (SS) Italy
Zona Industriale (ZIR) Tempio P.
Telefono 039.79.633632; Fax 039.79.674310


Grindi srl
Factory: Tempio Pausania (SS) Italy
Telefono 039.79.633632; Fax 039.79.674310



Business area:

Research & Development of new material used in different fields:

  • clothes and outfits;
  • footwear;
  • motor and air-navy industry;
  • furniture;
  • internal finishing.


  • 15 direct workers

  • 5 indirect workers

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