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Combining Innovative Technology with Artisan Production - Specchio Piuma S.a.S


Location: Italy
Business sector:

  • Architectural infrastructure - Space-saving solutions for architect, contractor or do-it-yourself client.
  • Theatrical design - Reusable, adaptable, integrated - a warehouse of technical pieces and materials for all sets. Stage space designed according to specific customer's needs with resistant and lightweight materials easy to transport and assemble.
  • Packing - A completely reusable system, versatile, solid and light, for storage and transport.
  • Exposition structures - Designed and produced for expositions and fairs.


  • Consultancy: the enterprise can give successful answers to any question relating to design and production with a vast array of creative and low-cost solutions.
  • Design: the firm employs a network of CAD draftsmen, architects and designers: designs products, researches materials and works on the basis of the maximum use of resources and space.
  • Sales: direct control over all phases of product development, from conception to manufacture, to quality guarantee and finally the sale.

Number of employees: 6
Annual turnover: € 450.000,00 (2002

Since its foundation in 1993, the company has used trademark protection for creating a solid corporate identity and a strong external image. Trademark protection has been used for the company's logo, name, and for the commercial name of new products. Such trademarks have given SPECCHIOPIUMA the opportunity to create and maintain a strong corporate identity inside its "High Value" market niche.

SPECCHIOPIUMA supplies consultancy services to companies in the field of design, production and sales. Based in Aprilia, near Rome, it successfully combines innovative technology with artisan production. Its intelligent and innovative solutions are quickly appreciated by those who have been unable to find their particular needs satisfied by available products. In close contact with the customers and using modern technologies applied to artisanal craftsmanship, the enterprise provides custom-made products that successfully fulfill the specific needs of all clients.

Prior research and business plans are always carried out. All the initiatives developed are followed by a strong marketing action. In relation to cost control and marketing opportunities, joint ventures and partnerships are always well evaluated.

The technological environment is dynamic, monitoring and identifying active competitors through participation in international events, exhibitions, marketing enquiries and public relations. Survival in the competitive marketplace is assured by technical innovation, implementation of company services, partnerships and joint ventures. In particular, the enterprise has a strong innovation policy. The strategy applied is strictly combined with customized solutions developed and supplied by the company. Any "out-of-standard" activity is regarded as R&D. The other activities in the R&D area are strictly related to the implementation of quality and innovation for the standard products developed during the past ten years.

The discretion of the employees and the experience acquired in the past allow a good interface with the customers involved in the supply chain. In case of internal R&D, confidentially is assured by the limited size of the internal workforce.

The company's goal is to preserve the level of innovation reached with the implementation of IP protection measures.

Providing original customized solutions, the company has always used trademark for specific products or solutions developed.

SPECCHIO PIUMA has filed 2 international patents applications, protecting original products, and it plans to continue using IP to protect the results from different R&D contracts carried out in co-operation with industrial partners or customers.

Patent protection is very important for innovative, high technology solutions. In the case of incremental innovations, when time-to-market becomes more important than technology issues, patent protection may have some disadvantage. Making more accessible the strategic technical information of the patent, a third party could easily, with appropriate modifications or alterations, minimize the importance of the invention itself. Therefore, especially when design intensive solutions are involved, the enterprise prefers to use copyright protection.

A professional structure is utilized to manage all the IP aspects and procedures. From the beginning, every single IP action will have been evaluated with professional consultants.

The company integrates its commercial information with the results of its innovation and consequently uses IP commercialization to highlight the identity of its products.

Compiled by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

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