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Paill Laboratories, a company with an Intellectual Property (IP) strategy

Paill Laboratories, a Salvadorean pharmaceutical company, has 60 employees and its business consists in producing high-quality drugs which, by means of its trademarks, can be recognized by doctors and by end users.

Paill Laboratories is an active user of the IP system and has 56 factory marks registered in Central American countries, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

In the search to satisfy its customers' needs, the company developed an invention known as an "ampoule opener," which consists of a disposable cylindrical plastic device that clasps the head of the ampoule to avoid cuts when it is opened, for which a patent application has been filed.

In order to determine the viability of registering its marks, the company frequently uses the distinctive signs search service in the different Industrial Property Offices of the Central American isthmus.

Within its organization, the company has a Department of Health Registration and Intellectual Property, responsible for developing and registering intellectual property assets.

The company has an internal innovation promotion policy and an organizational structure which allows creative ideas to be generated by employees, for which reason it has developed a program to stimulate new ideas.

Due in part to its IP protection strategy, Paill Laboratories is a competitive and successful company in the process of expansion. In September 2002, Paill Laboratories obtained the WIPO Trophy for Innovative Enterprises.

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