World Intellectual Property Organization®: Filling an International Patent for Maximum Protection and Commercial Gain

Company:, Ross-on-Wye
IP Company: Coller IP Management®
Purpose: Filing an international patent for maximum protection and commercial gain

"The IP has provided the backbone around which all else has been built"
Peter Martin, MD

Once removed the RE:tie can be used to seal bags for a multitude of uses in the home and garden.

The RE:tie is a very simple, but unique and revolutionary redesign of the tamper evident security closure used for caps on many plastic bottles and closures used in packaging worldwide. But where before this piece was useless and could only become refuse, it has now become second re:useful!

Once removed the RE:tie can be used to seal bags for a multitude of uses in the home and garden.

Through the Fillip grant Peter Martin inventor of RE:tie has been able to protect his product in a way that enables him to look for buyers without the fear of losing his Intellectual Property. Peter felt that the product protection opened up a multitude of opportunities, and has made potential buyers take him seriously. He was delighted with the patent application that his IP Company had written for him; converting his 2 page brief into a legally crafted 18 page patent application which maximised the protection for his invention, and included new application areas for the product not previously identified. He would advise companies to use professional services of IP attorneys and agents to make applications on their behalf as they have an understanding of requirements a patent examiner would wish to see, not known or obvious to lay persons.

Peter has also been fortunate enough to get prototypes of his product, which he felt was worth a 1000 words when explaining the product. He commented 'A buyer asks what is it and how does it work, and in a twist of the cap you can show them... on their bottle. In the case of retailers, then tying up their carrier bag with the resultant RE:tie just to show how Mr & Mrs Consumer will use it... and view it'

Following international and national awards, PR (see below) and exhibitions such as 'Caps and Closures' in Brussels and Innovative Packaging/ECOPACK '08 at the NEC Birmingham, a number of large manufacturers and retailers have shown interest in securing marketing rights to the Re:tie. are now in advanced negotiations with a number of them with the aim of bringing this product to market at the earliest opportunity. With regard to the above negotiations licensing advice provided by Coller IP Management was much appreciated by the management of 

Martin's routes to market are now clearer...the route he now favours is going directly to the caps and closure packaging manufacturers and striking a licensing deal there.

'Had I not patented the idea I would not have felt secure enough to exhibit in Geneva and win the Gold Award'

As Peter Martin points out: 'Had I not patented the idea I would not have felt secure enough to exhibit in Geneva and win the Gold Award. But this has just proven to be the start of a highly essential, slightly scary but ultimately reassuringly sensible ongoing process. Thanks to the initial Fillip award, we established protections that have enabled us to seek major exposure right in the very hearts of what can be a highly rewarding, but also nerve-wrackingly predatory arena. We're under no illusions even now, and are perhaps even more cautious and concerned with our next steps, which we know are not going to be cheap. This is a truly international-level idea, involving a ubiquitous product category that counts in billions of units daily and multi-millions of £/$. But by taking each step in a calm and professional manner, showing we understand the stakes and the needs and interest of potential players, with the IP security track record we have managed so far, thanks to such as the Fillip Award, we hope to attract the interest, respect of and, hopefully, fair deals with major blue-chip brands worldwide. Green is an interesting word, in all its positive, 'good' connotations, as with money and benefits to the environment. But we're also keen not to be taken advantage of by being, in one the few instances it can be negative, too innocent in securing its potential in the face of often less than ethical commercial realities. Time is not with us, but doing the right things in the right way, we hope to attract the calibre of partner(s) to make bring this concept to very profitable, mutually-rewarding reality.' 

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