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Borean Pharma - a university spin-off case

The technology platform of the company was developed in Laboratory for Gene Expression, University of Aarhus, Denmark, as a technology platform for a number of research projects relating to the structure and function of modular proteins.

Two generic patent applications were filed with the assistance of the Danish Invention Centre, financed by the Danish Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Danish Invention Centre supported the scientists from 1997 until actual spin-off in 2001 and provided during that period financial support and coaching on setting up the business plan, achieving marketing information, and identifying investors.

As a result of the endeavours, Borean Pharma A/S is now established in Science Park Aarhus. The company has established state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and is in the developmental stage of their technology.

Borean Pharma A/S has built a strong proprietary and technological position in the area of protein engineering technology, and is highly focused on protecting its intellectual property. As a result, the company holds a number of pending patents and patent applications of which the published PCT-applications are: WO 9418227, WO 98 56906 and WO 00 248189

Borean Pharma A/S achieved 10,6 Mio. Euro, from Danish investors including East-Jutland Innovation A/S, Incuba A/S and the Leading investor BankInvest A/S, which is one of the largest biotech venture companies in DK.

During 2002, Borean Pharma A/S has expanded its total staff from 5 to 21, and in recruiting additional 10-15 new colleagues, this staff number is expected to be sufficient to establish a first partner collaboration.

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