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Arrocera San Francisco

"The creativity of business has no limits. Accompanied by a good mark, this constitutes the key to enterprise success."

This was achieved by Arrocera San Francisco, a Salvadorean company whose economic activity relates to food products.

With a record of use of the intellectual property system, Arrocera San Francisco currently owns around 22 trademarks registered in El Salvador and other Central American countries, and is a company which is open with employees in the implementation of new ideas designed to promote the organization of focus groups.

In the past few years, 25 per cent of Salvadorians have emigrated to the United States, which has changed the concept of nationality in the country ("the nation is where a Salvadorian is") and has provided more direct access to an important international market. With this thought, Arrocera San Francisco sees it as a duty to diversify its manufacturing portfolio with new ethnic, innovative and interesting products, intended mainly for Salvadorians abroad. In particular, tinned and powdered iguana clear soup, an essentially typical product, is one of the innovations marketed by Arrocera San Francisco.

Iguana clear soup is known in El Salvador as a total energy aphrodisiac, nostalgic foodstuff with high nutritional value. Alligator soup is a traditional clear soup prepared especially in the east of the country, to be more specific in the Department of San Miguel.

The company Arrocera San Francisco innovated the product by means of a new presentation and design of the mark "DOÑA LISA." In this way, the company became a pioneer since it took advantage of the opportunities for exporting non-traditional products which have a high added value.

This action has contributed to the company's expansion plans, and its owners have founded another company ("All Foods") in the United States, as a response to the need for a distribution system. The leading mark of ALL FOODS is currently DOÑA LISA.

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