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APDL Cajamarca Peru - Dairy By-products

Cajamarca is a department of Peru located more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Owing to its geographical location and natural attributes it has been able to carry on an important production activity with its livestock. It is well known for its cheeses, yogurt, blancmanges, butter and other products. The name Cajamarca is associated with that activity.

The products are sold in the zone (city), in mini-markets and through travellers, and many of the products are of very high quality and have an established reputation.

That reputation is causing producers from other cities in the country to make use of the Cajamarca name to market products of their own, thereby improperly making use of the reputation of the genuine Cajamarca products, and in many cases detracting from the quality associations of the name.

Following an intense campaign in the zone it has been possible to bring together 80 producers of milk derivatives whose common objectives are the following:

  • to be able to launch their product in Lima (the ideal market) and to market it in the main distribution network;
  • one day, to be able to export;
  • to preserve the quality associated with the origin (Cajamarca) and to prevent others from taking advantage of the name;
  • to adopt the strategy of operating under the collective mark scheme.

Eventually 37 producers registered the collective mark as an association of producers, and they are now working on the marketing aspects of the product launch. In addition they have involved themselves in joint work on product quality and homogenization aspects.

The interesting thing is that they have already realized how much industrial property has helped them, as they have involved themselves in the subject and the strategy that they have adopted is making them work together on quality and homogenization matters.

* We thank Luis Alonso Garcia Muñoz-Najar, President of the Intellectual Property Chamber of the Court of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property (INDECOPI), Lima, Peru, for the compilation of this case study.

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