A Good Practice Guide on Intellectual Property

Guide LIIP

A European consortium of five Intellectual Property offices – Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Italy - with their respective partners have published a good practice guide, developed in the framework of the LIIP-project (Linking Innovation and Industrial Property).

The LIIP-project, coordinated by Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (www.tudor.lu) and co-funded by the European Commission in the fifth framework program is aimed at developing awareness for the increasing importance of intellectual property issues and at increasing basic knowledge on intellectual property. The main objectives are to allow research-specialists and innovation actors to better integrate IP in innovation projects and/or in a company’s strategy. The publication is especially targeted to SMEs managers, but is also a helpful tool for University-researchers and for independent inventors seeking pragmatic help for dealing with Intellectual Property issues.

The main part of the guide contains 10 concrete recommendations. They are aimed at helping the reader to become aware of immaterial assets he or his institution is owning, to protect them accurately, to valorise the rights commercially and to make better use of information from intellectual property information sources. The recommendations are illustrated by five selected case studies. On 54 pages this publication offers a clear demonstration about the benefits a better use of Intellectual Property is providing to SMEs in terms of legal protection of innovation, visibility on technical information and competitive advantage.

The publication is available in English, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish and can be provided by contacting the LIIP-project coordinator: Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor at: cvt@tudor.lu, or by contacting one of the national patent offices from Greece, Ireland, Italy or Spain.