The Cuban Industrial Property Office

Through its Specialized Service for the Entrepreneurial Sector (or SESE, in its Spanish acronym), the Cuban Industrial Property Office offers a series of information and advisory services on intellectual property to SMEs. Within the framework of the SESE, the Department of Information of the Cuban Industrial Property Office acts as a link between the private sector and the technical areas of the IP Office. Services are customized to the needs of each enterprise and are accessible to all SMEs that express an interest in participating.

The SESE includes the following services:

  • Diagnosis of the IP needs of the enterprise
  • State-of-the-art searches
  • Training and advice on IP
  • Proposals and advice on the selection of trade marks, trade names and slogans
  • Trademark searches
  • Courses and conferences

The aims of the service may be summarized as follows:

  • Promote technological innovation
  • Refocus technology management on the basis of global trends
  • Find out about threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities relating to the competitive context within which the company operates
  • Contribute to enhancing the corporate image of the firm
  • Redesign commercial and marketing strategies of the firm

The IP diagnosis is free-of-charge for all enterprises. It consists in evaluating and developing a corporate IP strategy for the SME. Fees for analytical state-of-the-art searches, for the creation of marks and other distinctive signs and the analysis of the competitive context are calculated on the basis of the number of hours worked. Other services follow the official fees of the IP office.

Also within the SESE, a pilot program was initiated with a selected group of enterprises. The program consists in providing five enterprises with the full range of services offered by the SESE. The pilot program is still under operation and will enable to gather further information on the IP needs of Cuban SMEs.

The SESE was established in the final quarter of the year 2000 and has so far offered the following services:


Analytical State-of-the-art Searches

Proposals for Trademarks

Proposals for Trade Names

Proposals for Slogans

Trademark Searches

Advice on IP


Number of Enterprises








In addition to the services rendered within the framework of the SESE, the IP Office offers a number of products and services on IP including user guides and on-line information targeted to the business sector, including SMEs.

For further information on the SESE, please contact: Lic. Nora Pérez Rodriguez, Information Department, Cuban Intellectual Property Office,