IP Awareness and Educational Activities by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Part of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)'s mission is to foster the use of the intellectual property (IP) system and the exploitation of IP information, as well as to encourage invention, innovation and creativity in Canada.

To help realize its mission, CIPO has recently realigned its Outreach Program in order to build awareness, increase knowledge of IP and allow effective use of CIPO products and services by Canadians.

This Outreach Program will be delivered in cooperation with key partners, and targeted at Canadian SMEs, innovators and creators. It will try to reach potential users of IP at the most appropriate time and place. This will serve to raise awareness of IP and encourage citizens and businesses to use -or make a more effective use- of the IP system to stimulate innovation and provide competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Furthermore, partnership activities will improve the delivery of products and services to a common clientele, as Canadians will benefit from greater points of contact to access the information and services they need to protect their inventions and ideas in an increasingly competitive global economy.

The Strategic Plan for 2002-2006 of CIPO's Outreach Program in PDF.

For more information, contact Margy Vilé at margy.vile@canada.ca.