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To create an account, click on the Create account button. Complete and submit the form and you will then receive a verification e-mail. Using the link in the e-mail you can set your unique username and password (passwords must have between 8 and 16 characters and include a minimum of one letter and one number). 

All accounts must be validated.  Users will receive an e-mail from and must click on the link contained in the e-mail.  There is a 24 hour time limit to complete validation. Once the limit expires it will be necessary to start the procedure again by creating a new account.  Please check your spam folder in case you cannot find the e-mail in your regular inbox.

The username that you entered when verifying your account registration is definitive and cannot be modified.  The username must not contain special symbols ( * @ (  ) &  #  ^  etc.) or blank spaces.

To change your password after initial validation, go to the Change Password page. Enter your existing password and new password and submit the form.  Passwords must have between 8 and 16 characters and include a minimum of one letter and one number

To update your account, go to the Edit User Account page. This will show you the information that is currently associated with your account. You may change all parameters except username. Simply make your changes and submit the form to update your account.

What if ...

If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password? on the log-in page.

If you have forgotten your username, click on Forgot your username? on the log-in page.

Firefox users may experience problems with the image reload function if they use the "back" button.  If this occurs, refresh the page or use an alternative browser. Use small letters not capitals.

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