Information concerning relief under "force majeure" circumstances

Pursuant to the discussion at the sixth session of the SCP, information concerning existing and planned relief mechanisms under "force majeure" circumstances were received from the following countries/offices:

  • Australia  [PDF]
  • Bulgaria  [PDF]
  • Czech Republic  [PDF]
  • Denmark  [PDF]
  • Finland  [PDF]
  • France  [PDF]
  • Hungary  [PDF]
  • Japan   [PDF]
  • New Zealand  [PDF]
  • Norway  [PDF]
  • Poland  [PDF]
  • Portugal  [PDF]
  • Republic of Moldova  [PDF]
  • Spain  [PDF]
  • Sweden  [PDF]
  • United Kingdom  [PDF]
  • United States of America   [PDF]
  • Yugoslavia  [PDF]
  • African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO)  [PDF]
  • Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO)  [PDF]
  • European Patent Organisation (EPO)  [PDF]

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