World Intellectual Property Organization

SCIT Circulars 2004

Reference Date of Issue Subject Documents Issued Comments Received
circ2605 14.12.04 Questionnaire on the Harmonization and Identification of the Parts of Patent Specifications (Task 36) Questionnaire: [DOC] AT, DE, EP, ES, GB, IE, JP, KR, LT, MD, NL, RU, SE, SK, UA, US
circ2604 14.12.04 Questionnaire on Correction Procedures in Patent Offices (Task 35) Questionnaire: [DOC] AM, AT, CZ, DE, EP, ES, GB, IE, JP, KR, LT, MD, NL, RO, RU, SE, SK, UA, US
circ2603 08.12.04 ST.60 Task Force    
circ2600 10.09.04 SCIT/SDWG/5 SCIT/SDWG/5/1  
05.08.04 Annual Technical Reports 2003    
circ2595 20.02.04 SDWG Task Force on the Renewal of the WIPO Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation    

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