World Intellectual Property Organization

SCIT Circulars 2001

Reference Date of Issue Subject Comments Received
circ2552 30.10.01 -- --
circ2550 26.10.01 WIPO Handbook CD-ROM --
circ2543 29.08.01 SCIT/SDWG/1/9 --
circ2542 31.07.01 -- AT, AU, CH, EP, JP, KR, NL, PL, PT, RU, SE, SK, US
circ2541 31.07.01 Questionnaire: formats in use by IP Offices for figurative elements of marks [DOC] AM, AT, BG, CA, CH, CO, CZ, DE, EP, FR, JP, KR, MK, PA, PE, SE, SI, US, UY
circ2540 06.07.01 -- AT, AU, BG, CA, DE, EP,  ES, GE, JP, KR, MK, MX, NI,  PL, PT, SE, UA, US
circ2539 06.07.01 Survey of the Grant and Publication of "Supplementary Protection Certificates" AT, AU, BG, CH, CU, DE, EE, ES, FI, GB, HU, JP, KR, LU, MA, MC, MD, MK, NL, NZ, RO, SE, SK, US, VE,
circ2536 09.07.01 SCIT/ITPWG/1/1 --
circ2534 20.04.01 -- AU, CA, CH, EA, EP, FR, GE, JP, US
28.03.01 Annual Technical Reports 2000 --
circ2530 28.02.01 -- HU, KE, LV, UZ
circ2527 26.03.01 SCIT/SDWG/1/1 --
circ2525 12.02.01 SCIT/6/7 --

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