Supporting Services

WIPO Re:Search puts a range of supporting services related to capacity building, knowledge transfer, and access to innovation information, at the disposal of its members and developing countries.

WIPO Re:Search is also a demonstration of the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) commitment to its Development Agenda.

A tropical parasite expert conducting research in the lab
(Photo: UCSF/Susan Merrell)

Access to health innovation information

WIPO provides general and detailed information about all aspects of the intellectual property system, including:

IP capacity building

WIPO provides training courses that help developing country R&D institutions obtain maximum benefit from their intellectual property:

  • Practical aspects of IP management in developing country R&D institutions.
  • Technology transfer and related agreements.
  • Setting up technology management offices in R&D institutions.

Articles and reports

A number of articles and reports touch on matters related to the work of WIPO Re:Search. We've put together a selection of the best for you to browse.

R&D knowledge transfer

WIPO Re:Search helps developing countries increase their scientific and research capacity through its program of research sabbaticals, generously supported by funds-in-trust from the Government of Australia.

These sabbaticals allow developing country research institutions to learn from world-class laboratories.

Video – Prof. Wellington Oyibo of the University of Lagos (Nigeria) spent three months at Novartis' laboratories in Basel (Switzerland).

Video – Prof. Christian Agyare from Kwame Nkrumah University (Ghana) discusses his WIPO Re:Search sabbaticals at the University of California, San Francisco (USA).