WIPO Re:Search

Supporting Services

WIPO Re:Search puts a range of supporting services related to capacity building, knowledge transfer, and access to innovation information, at the disposal of its members and developing countries.

WIPO Re:Search is also a demonstration of the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) commitment to its Development Agenda.

A tropical parasite expert conducting research in the lab
(Photo: UCSF/Susan Merrell)

Access to health innovation information

WIPO provides general and detailed information about all aspects of the intellectual property system, including:

IP capacity building

WIPO provides training courses that help developing country R&D institutions obtain maximum benefit from their intellectual property:

  • Practical aspects of IP management in developing country R&D institutions.
  • Technology transfer and related agreements.
  • Setting up technology management offices in R&D institutions.

Articles and reports

A number of articles and reports touch on matters related to the work of WIPO Re:Search. We've put together a selection of the best for you to browse.

R&D knowledge transfer

WIPO Re:Search helps developing countries increase their scientific and research capacity through its program of research sabbaticals, generously supported by funds-in-trust from the Government of Australia.

These sabbaticals allow developing country research institutions to learn from world-class laboratories.

Prof. Wellington Oyibo of the University of Lagos (Nigeria) spent three months at Novartis' laboratories in Basel (Switzerland).

Prof. Christian Agyare from Kwame Nkrumah University (Ghana) discusses his WIPO Re:Search sabbaticals at the University of California, San Francisco (USA).