Frequently Asked Questions about the Re:Search Database


How can I find relevant information in the Database?

You need an internet access, point to the home page of the consortium at and select Database Search from the left hand menu. You are now on the main search website of WIPO Re.Search Database with the possibility to do either a Full Text Search using Keywords ( ), or a Structured Search using pre-selected menu that will allow the display a list of all data entries related to a Company, a Disease, or a Type of data, and even combinations of the above ( ).   

What is the link to do a full text, keyword based search?

What is the link to do a structured search based on Provider, Disease or Type of data?

What should I do once I see the list of submissions that I am interested in?

From the display list, you can click on the title of the submission, and you will see all the details of this submission as uploaded by the Provider. This include a unique Submission ID, the Provider Name, the Contact Details, the Title and Summary, the selected Disease(s), the Type of Data, more specific descriptions of the Data, hyperlink(s) to attachments (figures, chemical structures) or to already publicly available repository of data (screening hits, hits, leads,…). To know more, you need to contact the Partnership Hub Coordinator (BVGH) from the "For further information contact BVGH" link on the left hand menu.

Is it only non-confidential information provided?

Yes, only non-confidential information is provided for this version (1.0) of the Database. All the information provided by companies is now publicly available and searchable by keyword by anyone accessing the WIPO Re:Search database site.

Can I share information from database with other interested parties?

Yes, as long as you respect the Terms of Use. However, should a Provider decide, at its own discretion, to share additional business confidential (or non-confidential) information with you, that information will need to remain confidential. The WIPO Re:Search Database is not a vehicle for direct sharing or access to proprietary/business confidential information.

Why is there a disclaimer and a Terms of Use?

By searching the database, WIPO and the Providers would like to make sure that the usage and integrity of the Database is preserved from all sorts of potential abuses. The Terms of Use serve the purpose of explaining the role and responsibilities of Provider(s) and of anyone searching/using information from the Database. It is implied that all parties accessing the WIPO Re:Search Database consent to the ToU.

Can I edit the provided information?

No. Only Providers can edit (add, modify, delete) their contributions at their sole discretion.

How diverse is the Database content?

Because initial contributions vary by asset, by specificity and by Provider, the type and amount of information available in the WIPO Re:Search Database is not uniform. It is expected to represent a wide range and diversity of contributions.

Can anyone search the Database?

Yes. Just an internet access is needed.

What are the obligations of a Provider to an interested User?

Each Provider retains discretion in the type, amount and timing of disclosure of additional, non-confidential or confidential information, and can decide what criteria will determine its next level of disclosure in response to requests from bona fide interested Parties.

Is the WIPO Re:Search Database password protected?

No. At this time, no password protection or other barriers that would restrict access to the database. Disclosure of more sensitive or proprietary data relating to specific items in the database can be given by a provider to a potential interested Party as part of the negotiation process and partnership hub activities.

Will there be a Version 2.0 of the Database?

It is likely, based on user feedback using version 1.0 of the Database, that more comprehensive searches and a deeper Database content (perhaps with confidential information and password protection or other features) will be created in the future. That could include searchability by chemical structures and active links to other Databases in the field of NTDs, malaria, and tuberculosis. The website will be adapted as needed to accommodate and optimize the utility of any enhanced functionality of the WIPO Re:Search Database.

Who will be in charge of ensuring the WIPO Re:Search Database is running and functional?

WIPO is hosting the WIPO Re:Search Database and Website, collecting and storing the submitted Data, and maintaining the searching interfaces. The Partnership Hub Coordinator will be in charge of facilitating proper matching between an interested User and the specific Provider.

What should I do if I have problems/issues searching the Database?

Select the left hand menu link “User Feeback” and fill the form. The WIPO Re:Search Database “help desk” is also available by email for all Data Search related issues.

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