WIPO Re:Search Database FAQs


Our database goes beyond patents and patent rights, although they form a substantial part of the catalogue. Intellectual property providers are also encouraged to provide the following:

  • Screening or hits data
  • Hit-to-lead data
  • Lead series optimization
  • Pre-clinical candidate
  • Clinical candidate
  • Marketed product
  • Enabling technology platform
  • Intellectual property
  • Formulation
  • Diagnostic tool
  • Vaccine technology
  • New biological entity
  • Other types of data or services

Anyone can freely access the database, although only non-confidential information can be viewed by the public. If you would like to find out more about any entry, please contact the Partnership Hub.

The Terms of Use explain the role and responsibilities of intellectual property provider(s) and of anyone searching/using information from the database. This is necessary in order to maintain its integrity and protect it from potential abuse. All parties accessing the WIPO Re:Search Database are assumed to have consented to these Terms of Use.


Yes. Owners retain complete discretion regarding ongoing access and licensing, including withdrawal from WIPO Re:Search. This is subject only to any rights or other binding agreements associated with the intellectual property previously granted by the provider to a user.

No. Providers can grant either exclusive or nonexclusive licenses. Providers may also make these assets available in other settings or through other mechanisms outside WIPO Re:Search, in an effort to ensure the widest possible availability. Exclusivity can only be obtained through separate negotiation and written agreement with the provider.

Licensing agreements are individually negotiated between providers and users. Although the Partnership Hub can facilitate research agreements, all discussions on concluding a licensing agreement and any preliminary arrangements (confidentiality and other types of agreements) are handled directly by the provider and potential user.

If you require further information about a particular database entry, please contact the Partnership Hub.

Providers include leading pharmaceutical companies, and many other public and private sector research institutions from six continents. Members who have provided IP assets are listed on our Members page.


When searching the database there are two options:


  • Structured search: a search in which you can select various search parameters, e.g. provider, disease, type of data.
  • Full-text search: a search by keyword.


On finding a potentially interesting item, users should contact the Partnership Hub for more information.

Yes, as long as you respect the Terms of Use. However, should a provider decide, at its own discretion, to share additional business confidential (or non-confidential) information with you, that information will need to remain confidential. The WIPO Re:Search database is not a vehicle for direct sharing or access to proprietary/business confidential information.

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