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Natural Products and Bioaffinity Screening


Contact Details

Provider Eskitis Institute - Eskitis
Partnership Hub Coordinator Name BIO Ventures for Global Health
401 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
Tel: +1 206 732 2122

Submission Summary

TitleNatural Products and Bioaffinity Screening
Executive Summary/Abstract Nature Bank is an integrated drug discovery platform based on natural products from Australia, China and Papua New Guinea. It comprises over 45 000 samples of plants and marine invertebrates, over 200 000 semi-purified fractions, over 3 250 pure compounds and over 400 naturally-occurring fragments. Nature Bank is enhanced for drug-like characteristics in accordance with Lipinksi’s rules. Nature Bank is stored under nitrogen in microtubes and can be automatically reformatted on demand into 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates. Nature Bank can be screened against a variety of drug target proteins including from parasite proteomes.
Keywords screening; natural products; discovery; mass spectrometry; drug; malaria; compound library; biodiversity; biodiscovery

Disease Selection

Disease Tuberculosis;Human African trypanosomiasis;Malaria
Comment Able to undertake screenign against supplied assays for all NTDs
Name(s) of Infectious Organism(s) Trypanosoms; Mycobacterium; Plasmodium
Vector(s) Malaria parasite; trypanosomatid
Human Target Organ(s)
Mechanism of Action (MoA)
Molecular or Cellular Target Name(s)

Type of Data

Type of Data Screening or Hits Data


Screening/Reporter Assay(s) Description

Target Based Yes: target based
Cell based Yes: cell based
Whole Organism Yes: whole organism
Parasite clearance Yes: parasite clearance
Other Mechanism of Action (MoA) Yes: other mechanism
Other Reporter System Yes: other reporter systems

Compound Library Description

Small Molecules yes
Natural Extracts yes
Subset Library

Screening Format

Screening Format 1536 wells

High Content Screening

High Content Screening Yes:Perkin Elmer Operetta, Operam InCell analyzer

HTS Throughput

HTS Throughput High (10'000 - 100'000 cpd/day)

Screening Campaign Details

Screening Campaign Details
Number of Compounds Screened
Cut-off value
Primary Hit Rate (in %)
Confirmed Hit Rate (in %)
Number of Confirmed Hits
Number of Screens with Positive Data
Number of Screens with Negative Data

Hits Potency/Efficacy Description

<1 µM How many Confirmed Hits
<10 µM How many Confirmed Hits
<100 µM How many Confirmed Hits

Collaboration Status

In house only No
Names of
Partners yes
Service Providers yes
Academic Centers yes
Public Private Partnerships yes
Funding Agencies yes
Other Collaborators yes

Publication/Patent Status

Proprietary Data Yes
Publicly available Data (Reference)
Patented Data (Reference)