Background regarding the Partnership Hub

All WIPO Re:Search members join because they wish to improve the health of the poor around the world, and to aid in the research and development of new medicines for diseases with little or no commercial market. WIPO Re:Search Users are entities that have searched the WIPO Re:Search Database, gone through the Partnership Hub to learn more about the listed intellectual property and know-how, and indicated in writing their commitment to the Guiding Principles to the Secretariat, and have either entered into license agreements with Providers, or have the interest or intention to do so.

Potential Users are able to search the database freely, identify assets of interest, and, with the assistance of the Administrator of the Partnership Hub (BVGH), enter into discussions and negotiations regarding further access to confidential data, know-how, and other information of interest. Further agreements regarding confidentiality may be required as part of the license negotiating process.

WIPO Re:Search encourages interested global health researchers to visit the Partnership Hub to learn more about the resources available in the WIPO Re:Search Database.

BVGH and WIPO have and will continue to reach out to potential Users of WIPO Re:Search for discussions about how WIPO Re:Search could be of benefit to their work. If discussions progress between a Provider and User to the point of a licensing agreement, the licensing terms must adhere to the Guiding Principles, but otherwise are freely and individually negotiated directly between the User and the Provider.

Subject to considerations of business confidentiality, Providers and Users agree to inform WIPO and BVGH of concluded agreements (including preliminary agreements, such as confidentiality or material transfer agreements) and provide regular and simple reports of progress of collaborations made pursuant to the licenses or earlier agreements and will consider making public disclosure of general aspects of any collaboration(s) for the purposes of tracking the use and impact of WIPO Re:Search.

Supporters are organizations that may not have a direct interest in providing or licensing the assets made available through WIPO Re:Search, but wish in any case to register their support.

Contact BVGH to Join

If you are interested in becoming a User (or Supporter) of WIPO Re:Search, or would like to learn more about WIPO Re:Search or specific assets, please contact BVGH with your inquiry and/or request.

WIPO Re:Search

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