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WIPO Re:Search provides access to intellectual property for pharmaceutical compounds, technologies, and – most importantly -- know-how and data available for research and development for neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis, and malaria. WIPO Re:Search makes these assets accessible to qualified researchers working on drugs, diagnostics, or vaccines for neglected tropical diseases, allowing these researchers to take advantage of hundreds of millions of dollars of value accumulated in companies and universities.

Collaborations are a key mechanism to more effectively and efficiently discover and develop new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics to help the more than 1 billion people suffering from neglected tropical diseases, malaria and tuberculosis.

BIO Ventures for Global Health: The Partnership Hub Administrator

As the Partnership Hub Administrator, BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) actively engages with members— including major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic and other research institutions, government, and non-governmental organizations — to facilitate neglected tropical disease research collaborations among WIPO Re:Search members by:

Fielding Requests
WIPO Re:Search Users and interested researchers are encouraged to search the database to identify assets that could support or accelerate their neglected tropical disease research. Once an asset of interest has been identified, the researcher contacts BVGH to learn more about the asset and collaboration opportunity. BVGH also welcomes “special requests” through the Partnership Hub for compounds, libraries, or other resources that are not captured in the WIPO Re:Search database. Providers of assets are usually willing to explore any request that supports the development of products for neglected tropical diseases. Researchers that have specific targets or compounds of interest should contact the Partnership Hub to facilitate inquiries into whether these could be available through WIPO Re:Search.

Identifying Collaboration Opportunities
BVGH reaches out to members to learn about their research programs, capabilities, areas of expertise, and partnering interests. With this information in hand, BVGH explores and identifies collaboration opportunities that strategically match members providing intellectual property and expertise with those whose complimentary research programs could benefit from the available assets.

Providing Scientific Expertise
BVGH understands how the WIPO Re:Search database contributions can be applied to neglected topical disease, malaria, and tuberculosis research and development. With this knowledge and understanding, BVGH proactively matches contributions in WIPO Re:Search with members’ research needs. A list of WIPO Re:Search members is available here.

Facilitating Member Connections
BVGH speaks with members to establish mutual interest in exploring research collaborations. Once mutual interest is established, BVGH connects members so that scientists can discuss their research and further explore the possibility of working together and sharing assets.

Recruiting New Members
BVGH reaches out to potential new members based on their research programs and ability and desire to develop drugs, vaccines, or diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases. Because developing countries shoulder the greatest burden of these diseases, BVGH strives to recruit and engage research organizations from the developing world.


Explore the WIPO Re:Search Partnership Hub and get involved in the fight to save lives in the developing world:

If you are interested in innovative and efficient product development or drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases, we encourage you to explore the above features of the Partnership Hub to learn more about what WIPO Re:Search has to offer.

BVGH is always available to answer any questions and we welcome you to contact BVGH at any time.

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