Collaboration and partnerships are central to our efforts to develop new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics to help the more than 1 billion people suffering from neglected tropical diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis.

These collaborations are an important stepping stone in the research process and our ambition is that they will eventually result in new treatments, vaccines, and cures.

Successful collaborations

To date, 120 various collaboration agreements under the terms of WIPO Re:Search have been facilitated by BIO Ventures for Global Health. Browse the full list of agreements.

Researchers in Cameroon
WIPO Re:Search has facilitated successful collaborations involving researchers at the University of Buea (Cameroon). (Photo: WIPO)

The Partnership Hub

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) manages WIPO Re:Search Partnership Hub.

The Partnership Hub is open to all WIPO Re:Search members. Its role is to proactively identify and facilitate collaborations that connect private industry’s assets and resources with leading academic and nonprofit researchers.

In order to make use of the Partnership Hub or to find out more, send BVGH an e-mail or call the following number: +1 206 732 2122.

Catalyzing Partnerships for Global Health

Meet BVGH – our Partnership Hub administrator

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH), our Partnership Hub Administrator, actively engages with members to facilitate research and development into neglected tropical diseases.

Its key activities are:

  • Fielding requests: Members can contact BVGH about assets listed on the WIPO Re:Search database in which they are interested in learning more. BVGH also welcomes “special requests” for compounds, compound libraries, or other resources that are not listed in the WIPO Re:Search database.
  • Connecting members: By leveraging its expert scientific knowledge, BVGH reviews the research and partnering interests of each of our members. Based on this it’s possible to identify and pursue potential collaboration opportunities, as well as find matches for IP needs.
  • Recruiting new members: BVGH contacts potential new members based on their research programs. BVGH strives to recruit and engage research organizations from developing countries.
The BVGH logo
(Image: BVGH)