Publications for Young People and Schools

WIPO has produced a range of publications aimed at young people and schools. These publications are designed to foster the creativity and inventiveness of future generations, while at the same time raising awareness about the value of intellectual property (IP).


Inventions and Patents

Inventions and Patents PDF, Inventions and Patents is the first publication in WIPO's Learn from the Past, Create the Future series for schoolchildren, the innovators of the future. It responds to the demand from member states for practical and detailed curriculum materials on IP, suitable for use in classrooms around the world.

Combining fun with facts, and packed with illustrations, the publication takes young readers on a journey through the world of inventions and patents. Simple explanations of how patents work, why we need them, and how they contribute to scientific and technological progress, are interspersed with the stories behind successful inventions. Inventor Profiles are drawn from around the world, and teachers are encouraged to supplement these by getting their students to research inventions from their home country.

Teaching IP theory through practice

Geared towards students from 9 to 14 years’ old, the publication is in the form of a workbook, which can be photocopied for classroom use. It teaches theory through practice, and IP concepts through case studies. To play the PCT Detective game, for example, students learn to search patent applications in WIPO's online PCT database.

Much of the material can be integrated into science classes. Teachers can build on the information provided by discussing with students the scientific principles behind some of the featured inventions, such as the combination of concave and convex lenses in the telescope, or the laws of thermodynamics in the Nigerian "pot-in-pot" cooling system.

Inventions and Patents debunks the stereotypes of inventors, and encourages students to recognize in themselves the essential qualities of curiosity, creativity and perseverance which enable individuals to invent. It concludes with a roadmap for inventing, taking students through the whole innovation process from idea to IP protection to commercialization.

Other language versions

Inventions and Patents is also available in:

  • Chinese PDF, Inventions and Patents, Chinese
  • French PDF, Inventions and Patents, French
  • Russian PDF, Inventions and Patents, French
  • Spanish PDF, Inventions and Patents, Spanish

The Arts and Copyright

Aimed at 9 to 14 year-olds, The Arts and Copyright PDF, The Arts and Copyright combines a comprehensive account of the principles of copyright law with concrete examples demonstrating how copyright and related rights work in practice to encourage creativity and protect created works. 

Using simple terms and illustrations, the book explains how copyright limitations and the public domain provide a balance between the rights of creators and the public interest in accessing and using their works. The final chapter explores different forms of copyright infringement, from plagiarism to illegal file sharing, touching also on digital rights management.

"Young Author" profiles tell the stories of youngsters who have achieved distinction through their creative works - such as the best-selling author of the Eragon fantasy stories, Christopher Paolini, and 10-year-old Indian filmmaker Kisha Shrikanth. 

Teaching copyright in a balanced way

The book provides young students with a well-rounded view of copyright by casting readers in different roles - first as creators then users of copyrighted works. Their knowledge is put to the test in games such as "Clear the Rights" and "Public Domain Detective." A sample letter enables readers to seek permission to use a copyrighted work in, for example, a school project.

The Arts and Copyright builds on the success of the first publication in WIPO's Learn from the Past, Create the Future series. Inventions and Patents has been successfully used in schools around the world, and has been translated into several languages. The workbooks are designed for use by teachers or by individual students without the need for support or access to additional resources. 

Tomorrow's creators and consumers

Today's schoolchildren are tomorrow's games creators, graphic designers, writers, record producers, publishers. They are already avid consumers of music, films, books, software and the Internet. Equipping young people with a sound understanding of intellectual property is critical to developing a sustainable IP culture for future generations. For WIPO, this remains a major goal in its public outreach activities.

Other language versions

The Arts and Copyright is also available in:

  • Chinese PDF, The Arts and
    Copyright, French
  • French PDF, The Arts and Copyright, French
  • Spanish PDF, The Arts and Copyright, Spanish

WIPO Comic Books

The WIPO comic books convey basic IP concepts through 12-page comic strips covering trademarks PDF, Trademarks Comic, copyright PDF, Copyright Comic and patents PDF, Patents Comic.

Developed in cooperation with INDECOPI, the Peruvian National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property, the books narrate the adventures of four adolescents, during which they learn what trademarks, copyright and patents are, and how they and society at large can benefit from them.

While the WIPO comic books are primarily geared towards students from 8 to 12 years’ old, higher-level students and adults have found them useful in providing a basic understanding of IP issues. An animated version of the Copyright comic book is available at the WIPO YouTube channel.


Other language versions

The WIPO Comic Books are also available in

  • Arabic: Trademarks PDF, Trademarks Comic, Arabic, Copyright PDF, Copyright Comic, Arabic, Patents PDF, Patents Comic, Arabic
  • Chinese: Trademarks PDF, Trademarks Comic, Chinese, Copyright PDF, Copyright Comic, Chinese, Patents PDF, Patents Comic, Chinese
  • French: Trademarks PDF, Trademarks Comic, French, Copyright PDF, Copyright Comic, French, Patents PDF, Patents Comic, French
  • Russian: Trademarks PDF, Trademarks Comic, Russian, Copyright PDF, Copyright Comic, Russian, Patents PDF, Patents Comic, Russian
  • Spanish: Trademarks PDF, Trademarks Comic, Spanish, Copyright PDF, Copyright Comic, Spanish, Patents PDF, Patents Comic, Spanish

Your Own World of IP

The Your Own World of IP booklet PDF, Your Own World of IP lets readers explore the different forms of intellectual property (copyright, patents, designs, trademarks and geographical indications) and the central role they play in our daily life.

Designed for 12 to 19-year-olds, the booklet illustrates how abstract IP rights influence everyday products (including books, clothing, consumer electronics, food and music) and enrich many aspects of our lives.

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Other language versions

Your Own World of IP is also available in:

  • Chinese PDF, Your Own World of IP, Chinese
  • French PDF, Your Own World of IP, French
  • Spanish PDF, Your Own World of IP, Spanish