Coming Next Week – A New WIPO Website

October 29, 2013

Following months of work with leading experts in user experience, information architecture and web design, we are launching next week the first phase of a major restructuring and redesign of the WIPO website.

Our new site puts the user at the center of the experience. We listened to your comments and paid particular attention to the many diverse needs of our many varied users, from the IP neophyte to the IP professional. We think the result is a big step forward: better navigation, quicker access to more useful information, and more links between pages that make it easier to learn more about our work and services.

The new design is clean and flexible, and responds to the changing ways you access information. It features seamless integration of video and visuals, and adjusts automatically to provide optimal display and navigation on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, regardless of size or system.

The new site will be a work in progress. We will continue to upgrade, streamline, update content and add new features. And we will seek your feedback throughout. We will provide an easy means to send us your comments, suggestions and complaints. Your responses will help shape the further evolution and improvement of

We look forward to welcoming you to our new site.