PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter IX: Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listing

Subsequently Furnished Sequence Listing

227. Sheets containing a sequence listing which are furnished after the filing of the international application would not normally be intended to form part of the international application. However, where the applicant indicates to the receiving Office that those sheets are intended to form part of the international application, for example, in response to an invitation for clarification whether the papers were erroneously omitted from the papers constituting the international application, the procedure under Rule 20.5 applies (paragraphs 200 to 206). In other cases, the applicant may have erroneously submitted to the receiving Office corrected sheets intended for the International Searching Authority (Rule 13ter.1). In such case, the receiving Office should either send those sheets promptly to that Authority and inform the applicant accordingly (see paragraph 290) or inform the applicant that those sheets should be sent by the applicant directly to the International Searching Authority.