PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter IX: Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listing

Sheets Containing Sequence Listings

223. Sheets of a sequence listing included in the international application must be presented as a separate part (“sequence listing part of the description”) and should preferably be sequentially numbered in a series separate from that used in numbering the sheets of the request (first series), the sheets of the description, claims and abstract (second series), and any sheets of drawings (third series) (Section 207 and paragraph 139). For the purposes of the check list in Box No. IX of the request form, the receiving Office checks whether the number of sheets of such sequence listing is indicated separately in the check list (Rule 3.3(a)(i)). If that number is not indicated, the receiving Office includes it ex officio (paragraphs 161 to 165).

224. Tables related to a sequence listing contained in the international application must be included as an integral part of the description. Pages containing such tables are counted as sheets of the international application (paragraph 243). 

225.  If the applicant furnishes sheets containing a sequence listing on the same date as the international application, but separately from the international application, the receiving Office, if in doubt, clarifies with the applicant whether those sheets are intended to form part of the international application. If the applicant so confirms, the receiving Office corrects the check list ex officio and invites the applicant to pay any required fee for sheets in excess of the previously calculated total number of sheets. Form PCT/RO/102 or PCT/RO/133, as the case may be, is used for that purpose (paragraphs 252 to 265).