World Intellectual Property Organization

PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter VIbis: Requests in PCT-EASY Format


165A. Requirements for Requests in PCT-EASY Format. A request may be presented in the form of a computer-generated print out in PCT EASY format (Section 102bis). The requirements are that:

(i) the request is presented as a computer print out prepared using the PCT EASY software;

(ii) the request is filed together with a computer diskette, prepared using that software and containing a copy in electronic form of the data contained in the request and of the abstract;

(iii) the international application is filed with a receiving Office which is prepared to accept the filing of international applications containing requests in PCT EASY format together with PCT EASY diskettes.

165B. Reduction of International Filing Fee where PCT EASY Software Is Used. The international filing fee (paragraphs 241 to 249A) is reduced by an amount set out in item 4 of the Schedule of Fees, which is annexed to the Regulations, if a request which complies with the requirements of Section 102bis(a) is filed using PCT EASY software and the receiving Office decides to accept the filing of requests in PCT EASY format (Section 102bis(c)).

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