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Transforming young lives in Brazil with science education and innovation

Professor Félix de Sousa has gained national acclaim in Brazil as an advocate of science education and for her work in enabling young people from marginalized communities to realize their potential to invent, create, and become entrepreneurs.  The article discusses her current research and shares her views on the importance of science education and the role that IP rights can play in strengthening Brazil’s innovation landscape and long‑term economic performance.  Her research has resulted in many inventions, including the creation of artificial human‑like skin, bone cement made from the by‑products of the leather and fishing industries, antimicrobial footwear and flame retardant clothing for firefighters.  Professor Félix de Sousa holds 15 patents, and has protected a number of her inventions in different countries using the PCT.  She explains:

The PCT is advantageous because it provides applicants with more time – up to 30 months from the date of filing the first patent application with the national IP office – to consider whether or not to proceed with processing their application, taking into account the results of the informal patent search that is available under the system.  Moreover, the provisional publication of an application under the PCT offers applicants some protection prior to the actual grant of a patent in different jurisdictions.

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