December 2017 | No. 12/2017


Changes Concerning the Payment of PCT Fees by Debiting a WIPO Current Account

Along with other payment methods for fees, it is possible for PCT users who regularly make payments to the International Bureau (IB) to hold a WIPO Current Account in Swiss francs. 

Please note that more favorable terms and conditions now apply in relation to the operation of WIPO current accounts, including:

  • a smaller initial deposit is now required to open a current account (CHF 2,000 instead of CHF 5,000);
  • there is no longer a minimum transaction volume required;
  • when the balance falls under the authorized or specified minimum, a top-up notification is sent to the account holder; and
  • an automatic notification is sent for all transactions.

Furthermore, new web forms are available, allowing customers to open and close a current account, request refunds or cancel payments made.

Holders of current accounts can pay the following fees by requesting the IB to debit their account for the relevant amount: 

  • fees payable to the IB as receiving Office (for example, the transmittal fee, the international filing fee, the search fee, the fee for priority document and the fee for requesting restoration of the right of priority (PCT Rule 26bis.3(d));
  • certain special fees payable to the IB in certain situations: early publication fee (PCT Rule 48.4(a)), fee for publication of information concerning late correction or addition of a priority claim (PCT Rule 26bis.2(e)), and fee for publication of a refused request for rectification (PCT Rule 91.3(d)); and
  • fees relating to the supplementary search: supplementary search fee (PCT Rule 45bis.3), supplementary search handling fee (PCT Rule 45bis.2) and late payment fee (PCT Rule 45bis.4(c)). 

Information concerning opening a current account, payment options and details about the new WIPO Current Account terms and conditions are now available at:


For information about the other methods of payment of PCT fees, please see the right hand side of the page at:


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