March 2017 | No. 03/2017


ePCT Update

The new look and feel for the ePCT user interface has now been launched in DEMO mode in order to allow PCT users to familiarize themselves with the new design in advance of its deployment in full production mode in the coming weeks. The DEMO version is available at:


Users are reminded that this DEMO version should not be used to file real international applications or to submit any confidential data or documents – it is strictly for demonstration purposes and for trying out the new interface design in advance.  The International Bureau (IB) welcomes feedback on the new look and feel by e-mail, preferably mentioning ‘ePCT Redesign’ in the title, to:


When the new design is subsequently deployed in full production mode (expected in the coming weeks), in addition to the improved user interface, there will also be additional options available to sign in to ePCT with strong authentication, as more efficient alternatives to digital certificates. It is recalled that strong authentication is required in order to access confidential data and documents in ePCT and the only method currently available is by way of a digital certificate. After the production launch of the new ePCT interface in the coming weeks, in addition to entering the usual Username and Password to sign in to ePCT, it will be possible to add the necessary strong authentication by means of a one-time password generated either by a mobile application software installed on the user’s mobile device or sent by text message (SMS).  Digital certificates will continue to remain in parallel as a strong authentication method for ePCT for the foreseeable future. 

Simple instructions on how to set up these additional new authentication methods for your WIPO account will be available via the sign-in page at the time of deployment in full production mode and will also be communicated to registered ePCT users in advance of the deployment.

In order to facilitate the transition to the new look and feel for the some 30,000 existing ePCT users, the IB will continue to make the ‘old version’ of the interface available in parallel for a transitional period.


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