September 2016 | No. 09/2016


New/updated PCT Resources

PCT Applicant’s Guide

The English version of the “Introduction to the International Phase” part of the PCT Applicant’s Guide, which contains detailed information on the international phase of the PCT, and which has been updated to take into account the 1 July 2016 amendments to the PCT Regulations, as well as other updates, is now available at:


The French version will be available shortly at:


Meeting documents

PCT Assembly

Documents which have been prepared for the forty-eighth (28th extraordinary) session of the International Patent Cooperation Union (PCT Union) (PCT Assembly), to be held in Geneva during the period from 3 to 11 October 2016, are available at:


PCT Committee for Technical Cooperation

The report of the twenty‑ninth session of the PCT Committee for Technical Cooperation, which was held in Geneva from 17 to 20 May 2016, is now available on the WIPO website, along with other documents for the session, at:


Learn the PCT Video Series:  How to File your International Application

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) (Brazil) has kindly prepared a Portuguese-subtitled version of the Learn the PCT video series:  “How to File your International Application”.  It is recalled that this is a series of 29 short videos (approximately 15 minutes each) presented by Matthias Reischle‑Park, Deputy Director, PCT Legal Division, WIPO, which provides a basic introduction to important aspects and issues in the international phase and national phase of PCT processing.

The following page contains a link to the subtitled videos on the INPI website:


The original videos (without subtitles) are available at:


Other Offices may wish to likewise prepare subtitled versions of the videos in other languages.

PCT Circulars in Spanish

PCT Circulars are now issued in Spanish, in addition to English and French.  Spanish versions of the collection of Circulars issued in 2016 are available at:


Direct filing at the RO/IB

Minor updates have been made to the information on direct filing at the International Bureau as receiving Office (RO/IB), in all 10 PCT publication languages, at: 



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