September 2016 | No. 09/2016


Payment of Fees to the International Bureau: Checks will no Longer be Accepted

Following the introduction of restrictions with regard to the processing of checks by the International Bureau’s (IB) banking partners, the IB will no longer accept payment by check with effect from 1 January 2017.  Any check received on or after this date will be systematically returned to the issuer.

This concerns, in particular, the payment of the fees which are indicated in the PCT Applicant’s GuideAnnexes B2 (IB) and C (IB).  This includes the fees payable to it in its capacity as receiving Office (such as the transmittal fee, the search fee and the international filing fee), the fees payable for supplementary international search, and a number of other fees which are payable to it in particular circumstances (such as the fee for early publication under PCT Rule 48.4(a) and the fee for a certified copy of a published international application).

For information on the other ways in which fees can be paid to the IB, see “Modes of payment” on the PCT fees page at:



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