October 2016 | No. 10/2016


Assembly of the PCT Union

The 48th session of the Assembly of the PCT Union (PCT Assembly) was held in Geneva during the period from 3 to 11 October 2016, as part of the meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO.  The documents referred to in the summary of the meeting, below, are available from the WIPO website at:

PCT Assembly documents (including the report once it becomes available):


PCT Working Group documents: 


The Assembly appointed the Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) as an International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authority under the PCT (document PCT/A/48/4).  The appointment will become effective from a future date to be notified by the Office when it is ready to begin operations.

The Assembly adopted amendments to the PCT Regulations, as set out in the annexes to document PCT/A/48/3.  The amendments consist of the following:

  • PCT Rule 45bis: The deadline for requesting supplementary international search has been extended from 19 to 22 months from the priority date.  For further information, see document PCT/WG/9/6 and paragraph 123 of document PCT/WG/9/27.
  • PCT Rule 23bis: The requirement for receiving Offices to forward details of search or classification results from earlier applications to the International Searching Authority, in general without the express permission of the applicant, has been clarified to set out the relationship between this provision and the confidentiality requirements of a receiving Office under PCT Article 30(2)(a), as applicable by virtue of PCT Article 30(3).  For further information, see document PCT/WG/9/5.
  • PCT Rules 4.10(d) and 51bis.1(f): These two “incompatibility provisions” have been deleted following withdrawal of the remaining notifications of incompatibility under those provisions.  For further information, see document PCT/WG/9/12.

These amendments will enter into force on 1 July 2017.

The Assembly also noted reports on the work being undertaken by the PCT Working Group (document PCT/A/48/1) and the Quality Subgroup of the PCT Meeting of International Authorities (document PCT/A/48/2), and approved recommendations on further work.  These matters were reported in PCT Newsletter Nos. 05/2016 and 02/2016, respectively.


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