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November 2014 | No. 11/2014


ePCT Update: Improvements Regarding Payment of Fees to the International Bureau as Receiving Office

The following announcement only concerns users who file international applications with the International Bureau as receiving Office (RO/IB) using ePCT-Filing.

As part of the next release of the ePCT system that is planned for the coming weeks, ePCT users who file international applications with the RO/IB using ePCT-Filing will notice a change in the procedure for paying fees by credit card or by debiting a WIPO current account. It will be possible to choose to pay the fees directly online at the time of filing or to pay later, by clicking on the payment link in the e-filing confirmation e-mail or via a new ePCT Action “Online Payment”.

In the case of payment by debiting a WIPO current account, users will no longer have to indicate the current account number, but will just have to indicate the username and password provided to them when the WIPO current account was established (note that this is not the same username and password used to log in to ePCT).

In order to prepare in advance for this change of procedure, applicants who have forgotten or misplaced the username and password of their WIPO current account should request a new one by sending an e-mail to:

If you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact the PCT eServices Help Desk at:

Further information on the next release of ePCT will be published in the PCT Newsletter shortly.


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