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December 2014 | No. 12/2014


ePCT Update

A new release of the ePCT system (version 2.12) was deployed on 27 November 2014. The new release contains a number of new features, including:

– the possibility to submit the application body in DOCX format, for conversion to full XML;

– improvements regarding payment of fees to the International Bureau as receiving Office (for details, see PCT Newsletter No. 11/2014, page 2);

– the possibility to clone the bibliographic data of an international application prepared using ePCT-Filing (whether already filed or not yet filed) in order to create a new international application containing the same bibliographic data;

– the possibility to upload to the International Bureau electronic priority documents that are digitally signed with the certificate of one of the following issuing Offices:

• National Institute of Industrial Property (Portugal)

• United States Patent and Trademark Office

For further details, see:

Detailed information about the new features of ePCT for Offices is also available at:


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