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July-August 2014 | No. 07-08/2014


PCT Statistics 2013 

The PCT Yearly Review, 2014 edition 

The 2014 edition of the PCT Yearly Review summarizes PCT activities and developments in 2013, and contains a comprehensive set of statistics relating to PCT filings (including filings by top countries of origin, by top applicants and by technical field) and the performance of the international patent system in 2013, as well as statistics relating to national phase entries in 2012. This edition contains a special theme about how universities and public research organizations (PROs) use the PCT system, and includes a detailed breakdown of statistics relating to PCT filings by universities and PROs (see page 16).

The PCT Yearly Review is available in English, in PDF format, at:

where there is also a link to the data and graphs associated with the Review, which contain:

– images of all the graphs and tables (including titles, sources and notes); and

– details of the data behind all graphs and tables.

French and Spanish translations of the Review are under preparation.


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