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September 2014 | No. 09/2014


Electronic Filing and Processing of International Applications 

ePCT Filing available at Eurasian Patent Office 

The Eurasian Patent Office as receiving Office (RO/EA) has notified the International Bureau that, with effect from 1 September 2014, it accepts international applications filed using the ePCT-Filing function in the ePCT Portal. This brings to six the total number of receiving Offices which process international applications that have been electronically filed using ePCT-Filing.

A new notification containing the requirements and practices of RO/EA with regard to the filing of international applications in electronic form was published in the Official Notices (PCT Gazette) on 21 August 2014 at:

It is recalled that ePCT-Filing can be accessed only via ePCT private services, which requires the creation of a WIPO user account authenticated with a digital certificate. Therefore, applicants who would like to use the system, but do not yet have an account, should go to the ePCT Portal at:

and follow the links to create an account and obtain a WIPO digital certificate. Note that it is possible to carry out demo filings by clicking on the link “Try ePCT in DEMO mode” in the list of shortcuts on the ePCT Portal.

(Updating of PCT Applicant’s Guide, Annex C (EA))


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