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December 2014 | No. 12/2014


Electronic Filing and Processing of International Applications

Indian Patent Office and National Institute of Industrial Property (Chile) to begin receiving and processing international applications in electronic form  

The Indian Patent Office and the National Institute of Industrial Property (Chile), in their capacities as receiving Offices, have notified the International Bureau (IB) under PCT Rule 89bis.1(d) that, with effect from 15 November 2014 and 1 January 2015, respectively, they are/will be prepared to receive and process international applications in electronic form.  Both Offices accept/will accept international applications filed using the ePCT-Filing function in the ePCT Portal. The applicable electronic filing fee reductions listed in item 4 of the Schedule of Fees are included in Fee Table I(a).

The notifications containing the requirements and practices of the Indian Patent Office and the National Institute of Industrial Property (Chile) with regard to the filing of international applications in electronic form were published in the Official Notices (PCT Gazette) on 13 November 2014 and 4 December 2014, respectively, at:

(Updating of PCT Applicant’s Guide, Annex C (IN and CL))

It is interesting to note that over 2,200 international applications have been filed using ePCT-Filing since May 2013, when it first became possible to file applications in this way, albeit to a limited number of users. There are now 12 receiving Offices1 which have notified the IB that they will accept ePCT-Filings, many of which have only just come on board. It is hoped that many more applicants will be able to start benefiting from the system soon when more Offices start accepting ePCT-Filing.


  1. ePCT-Filing is now available for online filing with the following receiving Offices: RO/IB, RO/AT, RO/AU, RO/BR, RO/CL (with effect from 1 January 2015), RO/EA, RO/EP, RO/FI, RO/IN, RO/MY, RO/NZ and RO/SE (see PCT Brief at:


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