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December 2012 | No. 12/2012 


New/Updated PCT Resources on the Internet

ISA and IPEA Agreements

Updated versions of the Agreements, in English and French, between the International Bureau of WIPO and the following Authorities as International Searching Authorities (ISAs) and International Preliminary Examining Authorities (IPEAs):

JP    Japan Patent Office (1 December 2012)

XN    Nordic Patent Institute (1 January 2013)

relating to the functioning of those Authorities as ISAs and IPEAs under the PCT, as in force from the dates indicated in parentheses, have been published, in English and French, in PDF format, at, respectively:

PCT Newsletter archives

The collection of PCT Newsletter past issues has been expanded to include the 1996 issues, together with the searchable collection and index for that year, and is available on the PCT website at:


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