July-August 2010 | No. 07-08/2010


Expansion of PCT Online Document Upload Service

It is recalled that, in January 2010, WIPO launched the PCT Online Document Upload Service (see PCT Newsletter No. 01/2010) to enable applicants to submit post-filing documents electronically via a web interface to WIPO in its capacity as International Bureau (IB).  The service has now been expanded to enable applicants to upload post-filing documents destined for the International Bureau in its capacity as receiving Office (RO/IB).

Examples of the types of documents that can be sent to RO/IB using the PCT Online Document Upload Service are:

IMPORTANT:  This service is not to be used for the initial filing of international applications online.  Note also that documents may only be uploaded once RO/IB has started processing the international application.  The receipt of Form PCT/RO/105 is an indication that processing by RO/IB is underway and that documents can be uploaded to RO/IB using this service.



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