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Tackling energy poverty the Nokero way

“When it comes to patenting, because we operate in so many different markets, we use WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).  Every start-up has limited funds and the PCT is a great mechanism for delaying patent filing costs, allowing time to test the market and overcome any unforeseen technical problems.  Without the PCT, protecting an invention in international markets would be a high-risk strategy with huge upfront costs.”

By Catherine Jewell Communications Division, WIPO (Read the full article PDF)

Five tips for managing your patent assets

“Maximizing patent assets also means educating your management on the costs associated with patenting technology.  Patent acquisition is not cheap, although there are systems such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which offer a cost-effective means of protecting patents internationally.  Patenting costs need to be seen as an investment in the company and not expenses to be cut.”

By Jason M. Schwent, Thompson Coburn LLP, Washington, USA (Read the full article PDF)


U.S. Extends Lead in International Patent and Trademark Filings

Press Release

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Infographic: Who filed the most PCT patent
applications in 2015? PDF, Infographic, PCT applications 2012

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