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Twelve ways to manage global patent costs

“By filing an international application with an appropriate Receiving Office under WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an applicant can defer the costs of filing national applications in more than 150 countries by around 30 months from the date of first filing. The PCT offers various strategic advantages. These include more time to study the commercial viability of the invention in target markets, and invaluable feedback on the potential patentability of an invention thanks to a mandatory International Search Report (ISR) and an optional International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER), which make it easier for applicants to make informed decisions about their patenting strategy. Search and/or examination fees may also be reduced in some circumstances at the time of national phase entry (i.e. when a national office examines the substance of an application). Costs can also be reduced by opting for expedited examination through the PCT-Patent Prosecution Highway (PCT-PPH).”

By Anthony de Andrade, President and CEO, and Venkatesh Viswanath, Senior Analyst, Quantify IP (Read the full article PDF)

Expanding access to clean water: the quest of a Swiss water entrepreneur

“WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty offers an inexpensive way to secure protection for up to 30 months and to assess the patentability of our technology in different countries. It gives us time to decide what we want to do with the technology. It also stops others from filing a claim for the same thing and gives us the freedom to use it as we like. And it shows our investors we are capable of developing patentable solutions. It strengthens our credibility”, notes Renaud de Watteville, a Swiss water entrepreneur.

By Catherine Jewell, Communications Division, WIPO (Read the full article PDF)

WIPO’s PCT publishes 3 millionth international patent application

“The PCT is an excellent way of creating intellectual property rights, in particular in cases where time is needed for strategic and cost-relevant decisions,” notes Professor Alexander Kurz, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Legal Affairs and IP Management at Fraunhofer.  “The filing of a PCT application allows Fraunhofer to preserve its rights worldwide prior to identifying commercial partners and developing commercialization strategies for its inventions.  A PCT application brings a large part of the world within reach without the need to file applications directly with individual countries, and allows us to postpone the major payments associated with internationalizing patent applications.  But it also ensures that information about the value of the application is available at a relatively early stage.  In summary, the PCT provides additional time for us to find the optimal partner and the most appropriate market for our inventions. In addition, relevant information about the patentability of a given application may be considered at an early stage.”

By Catherine Jewell, Communications Division, WIPO (Read the full article PDF)

Flying cars: transforming a dream into reality

“Given the huge effort to overcome both technical and regulatory challenges, AeroMobil is keenly aware of the need to protect its innovations. “From the beginning our strategy has been to protect what we have. During this innovation process we are coming up with many ideas which we need to protect because they are a potential future source of income and of course we don’t want anybody stealing them,” Mr. Batik comments. “We filed out first patent (PCT SK/2012/000010) in 2012 in Slovakia and then in 101 countries through WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).”

By Catherine Jewell, Communications Division, WIPO (Read the full article PDF)

Helping under-resourced inventors navigate the patent system

“The IAP also promises to support national innovation goals, enhance national patent systems and contribute to economic growth. In today’s globalized world, the exclusive rights conferred by a patent guarantee the title holder a privileged position in the market and help attract much-needed business investment. Helping local inventors to obtain a patent gives an invaluable helping hand in the process of turning their creativity into a business opportunity. So far, the IAP has helped 13 inventors in the three pilot countries, with inventions including a portable espresso coffee maker and a device that turns home waste into fertilizer. The invention that has advanced the furthest in the patent process is a machine and a process for obtaining animal food from plant waste. This is already the subject of an international patent application (PCT/ IB2016/055056) under WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which offers a streamlined way of obtaining patent protection in multiple jurisdictions.”

By Giulia Ragonesi, Patent Law Division and  Edward Harris, Communications Division, WIPO (Read the full article PDF)


Record Year for International Patent Applications in 2016; Strong Demand Also for Trademark and Industrial Design Protection

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