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PCT-SAFE client

  • Getting Started
  • PCT-SAFE Client User Guide: Filing in Fully Electronic Mode [DOC] [PDF]
  • PCT-SAFE Client User Guide: How to indicate the text matter in drawings in PCT-SAFE [DOC] [PDF
  • Instructions for the use of PCT-SAFE in combination with EFS-Web (e-filing with RO/US) [DOC] [PDF]
  • Preparing PCT-SAFE applications/WASPs for upload to a receiving Office's e-filing service [DOC] [PDF
  • Assign eOwnership in ePCT at the time of filing  [DOC] [PDF
  • PCT-SAFE User Guide for credit card (e-Payment) with the RO/IB [DOC] [PDF
  • Export/Import functionality in the PCT-SAFE File Manager [DOC] [PDF]
  • Access Rights for PCT-SAFE Installation and Operation (for system administrators) [DOC] [PDF]
  • PCT-SAFE Guide for 3rd Parties [DOC]   

PCT eServices Webinars


  • Preparing a PCT-SAFE application for upload to a receiving Office’s e-filing service (May 28, 2013) [PPT] 
  • PCT-SAFE fully electronic filing with WIPO’s receiving Office, RO/IB (March 20, 2013) [PPT]  
    • Questions and answers from the webinar [PDF]
  • Preparing a PCT-SAFE application for EFS-Web upload at the USPTO (March 19, 2013) [PPT]   
    • Questions and answers from the webinar [PDF] 



Complete list of PCT Webinars


WIPO CA Digital Certificates

How-to videos: short visual user guides on how to use your WIPO digital certificate 

WIPO Digital Certificates Homepage (with user guides)


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