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Renewing your WIPO Customer Digital Certificate

Digital certificates issued by the WIPO Customer Certification Authority are valid for two years. Two weeks before expiry, you will receive an e-mail from reminding you to renew it.


 1. Before starting the renewal procedure, make sure that your certificate is visible in the Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox, the same browser as used for the original enrollment is required) as shown below. If it is not visible in Tools>Internet Options>Content>Certificates (in Firefox: Tools> options>Encryption>View Certificates), you will not be able to proceed.


 Figure 1: Mozilla Firefox Tools menu – Options screen


  Figure 2: Internet Explorer Tools menu - Internet Options screen 


2. In order to import the renewed certificate to the browser, please locate it in your computer (default location is C:\PCT-SAFE\PKCS12). Then double-click the certificate file which will open the Certificate Import Wizard. Follow the prompts, clicking Next, to import the certificate into the browser.

Note: . In certain cases, for example if you are not using the same computer as for the enrollment you may be prompted to enter the PIN code indicated in the renewal e-mail to activate the renewal process.








3. Once the certificate is visible in the browser, click the Renew button.



4. Continue to follow the prompts and click Renew, OK... 






until the Congratulations! message appears in your browser window. 



 5. Select the renewed certificate in Tools>Internet Options>Content>Certificates and click Export. This will open the Certificate Export Wizard for the purposes of saving it to PCT-SAFE.





    6. Select the option to export the private key.



  7. Select the options to include all certificates in the certification path if possible and to enable strong protection.



  8. Type and confirm a password that you will be required to enter every time you use the certificate.



 9. Navigate to the folder where you want to save it (PKCS12 is the default location in PCT-SAFE), give the file a name and save it.



10. Click Finish.



 and then OK.





 The certificate has been saved to file in the selected location, and it is now ready to be used for signing and transmitting PCT applications.

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