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How to import your certificate

This user guide has been prepared using Internet Explorer 8.0. The screenshots and other details may differ if you use a different version of the browser.

The certificate must be visible in the browser if you want to renew it. This may not be the case if your computer has been upgraded since the enrollment or a previous renewal.


1. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools and select Internet Options.


2. Open the Content tab and click Certificates.



3. If your certificate is not listed under the Personal tab, click Import.



4. The Certificate Import Wizard starts. Click Next.



5. Click Browse to navigate to the location where your certificate file (e.g. MyWIPOCert.p12), or a security copy of it, is stored. The default location for certificates in PCT-SAFE is the C:\PCT-SAFE\PKCS12 folder. Select the file and click Next.


 6. Select the file that you want to import (.p12 or .pfx) and click Open.


7. Click Next.


8. Enter the password you created when you exported your certificate after installation (see user guide How to retrieve and install your certificate, step 11) and tick all three boxes. Click Next.



9. Tick the second option and click Next.



10. Click Finish.



11. If in the next screen the security level is set to Medium, change it to High by following the next three steps. This is necessary to protect your digital certificate with a password. If it is already set to High, go directly to point 14.

Click Set Security Level.


12. Set the security level to High and click Next.



13. Enter a password of your choice (you may also wish to use the password created when you exported your certificate) and click Finish.



14. The security level is now set to High. Click OK.



15. Click OK.



Your digital certificate will now be visible in the certificates list and is ready for use.


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