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The following Offices and Authorities have notified the International Bureau that they are prepared to receive and process international applications and other documents (where applicable) in electronic form.  Also listed are notifications indicating modifications to Offices' and Authorities' earlier notifications.

Following the coming into effect on 7 January 2002 of Part 7 and Annex F of the Administrative Instructions containing, respectively, the legal framework and technical standard necessary to enable the implementation of electronic filing and processing of international applications under the PCT, as provided for by Rule 89bis.1, any receiving Office having the necessary technical systems in place is able to decide to accept the filing of international applications in electronic form in accordance with Part 7 and Annex F. Section 713 of the Administrative Instructions provides that such principle also applies to any other document and correspondence relating to international applications, and to International Searching Authorities, International Preliminary Examining Authorities and the International Bureau.


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