Korean Intellectual Property Office

Accepted means of filing

Online: as a WASP file created by PCT-SAFE software; the filing needs then to be confirmed on the KIPO website to be processed.

On physical media: as a WASP file created by PCT-SAFE (on CD-R)


Accepted digital certificates

Valid certificates issued by one of the following Certification Authorities (CA):



Accepted formats

This Office accepts the filing of the application body (description, claims and abstract) in character-coded format (e.g. XML). It also accepts the inclusion of application documents in any pre-conversion format according to Administrative Instruction 706.

Sequence listing should preferably be filed, as a separate part of the description, in WIPO's ST.25 text format (no additional fees).



Any subsequent document, such as amendments, corrections or rectifications of the description or claims may be prepared and submitted using the KEAPS software (also documents sent to the ISA/KR or IPEA/KR). Applicants can prepare the application body of international applications by using the PCT K-Editor or the G-Editor (both a kind of XML editor), released by KIPO, or by using the PCT-SAFE Editor.



Help desk (KIPO call center) open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 8 pm and on Saturday, from 9 am until 2 pm; it may be contacted:

  • by phone at +82-1544-8080
  • by e-mail at kipouhd@kipo.go.kr.