Australian Patent Office

Accepted means of filing

  • Online: through ePCT, or as a WASP file created by the PCT-SAFE client software, saved on the user’s hard drive and then transmitted to the Office via its Online Lodgement System (at Access to the system requires user id and password authentication via a customer registration process through the Office’s Online Services. Where the application exceeds 20 MB, online transmittal is not supported and the application shall then be filed in PCT-EASY mode. 
  • On physical media: as a WASP file created by PCT-SAFE (on 3.5” diskette, CD-R or DVD-R)


Accepted digital certificates

Valid certificates issued by one of the following Certification Authorities (CA):

  • Gatekeeper ABN-DSC
  • WIPO Customer CA

Accepted formats

This Office accepts the filing of the application body (description, claims and abstract) in character-coded (e.g. XML) and image format (e.g. PDF). It does not accept the inclusion of application documents in pre-conversion format.

Sequence listing should preferably be filed, as a separate part of the description, in WIPO's ST.25 text format (no additional fees).



Online payment is available through the Office’s website. Applicants wishing to use this facility should refer to the Office’s website for further details prior to entering payment information into the PCT-SAFE software.



Help desk open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard/Summer Time (AEST); it can be contacted:

  • by phone at +61 2 6283 2999
  • by fax at +61 2 6283 7999
  • by e-mail at