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Changes as from August 13, 2009

Modernisation of PCT Publications system

International applications will be published using a new infrastructure, continuing to use the existing specifications in use since January 1, 2009. The deployment of this new infrastructure was intended to have no impact on the formatting of the PCT publication output, but during the testing a number of issues in the previous implementation have been identified and corrected. Thus this implementation contains a number of bug-fixes that will apply to applications published on, and after, August 13, 2009.

Bug-fixes - In detail the bug fixes are as follows:

  1. Multiline Address bug fix: it was previously possible that the publication software at WIPO failed to recognize a line-break in addresses and left a ‘$’ character in one of the address-lines in the XML; this will no-longer be possible and all addresses are expected to split over multiple lines using address-line-1, address-line-2 etc.
  2. Postcode bug fix: it was previously possible that the publication software at WIPO could insert text that was not a postcode value in the postcode element for an address; a function that had been used to try to determine the postcode where it is not available has been removed, resulting in an increased number of addresses where there will be no value in the postcode element, but ensuring that the PCT publication will not introduce an erroneous postcode.
  3. ASCII Apostrophe bug fix: the ASCII Apostrophe character was previously not being replaced by XML entity; this oversight has been corrected and in the future will be included, as appropriate, as an XML Entity.
  4. Applicant designation bug fix: for a number of applications where the applicants list of designated states was expressed as ‘all except a list of states’ the information was missing in the current XML output; this bug has been corrected.
  5. Deceased inventor bug fix: for applications where there is a deceased inventor with a non-Latin name the XML did not previously contain the non-Latin name, though it was included in the front page image; the non-Latin name has been added into the name element for these deceased inventor element contained within brackets, for example: “<name>Latin Character Name (Non-Latin Character Name)</name>”
  6. US rights related to deceased inventor bug fix: the relationship to the deceased inventor was not being reported correctly for international applications where applicable; this has been corrected.

Products affected – The following WIPO products will be affected by this change:

  • PATENTSCOPE® Search Service;
  • Weekly Published PCT Data on DVD (Rule 87 and Article 20 DVDs);
  • Weekly Published PCT Data through FTP;
  • Communication on request (COR)

A set of samples has been prepared and has been consolidated into a single ZIP file [ZIP]; please download these samples to see the changes in the XML. 

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