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PATENTSCOPE® Data Services - 2007 Format Changes

As from April 2007, new regulations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty came into force and required that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) change its publication product formats. Some other minor changes were also introduced at the same time.

Thus the International Bureau, with effect from October 2007, publishes international applications using a revised publication format based on version 1.5 of wo--published--application.dtd, as promulgated in document PCT/AI/DTD/4, dated March 23, 2007. This affects the following WIPO products:

  • publications on the PATENTSCOPE® Search Service;
  • the Article 20 and Rule 87 DVDs;
  • Communication On Request (COR) downloads of international publication information; and
  • downloads from the FTP site utilized by offices and private companies.

These changes apply from the first publication of October 2007, that is on Thursday, October 4, 2007. It should be noted that when requesting documents through PATENTSCOPE® Search Service and the COR service, published PCT international applications created prior to this date will be provided in the format in which they were originally produced.

Please refer to the documentation listed below for further details.


  • List of changes in wo-published-application.dtd [PDF]
  • PCT Circular C. PCT 1114-76: English [PDF], French [PDF]
  • wo-published-application.dtd, Version 1.5 [PDF] [DTD]
  • PCT application front pages example 1 (prepared manually) [PDF]
  • wo-ocr-published-application.dtd [DTD]


These samples have been prepared manually using existing published applications as a starting point.  These samples should not be used as production data.

  • Samples for address-5 and published-text changes (August 2007) [ZIP]
  • Protection Subset and amended claims samples [ZIP]
  • wo-published-application.xml containing a sample of an application with an over-score element in the abstract of an application [XML]

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