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PCT Publication Electronic Products Update for January 2006

The purpose of this page is to inform you of the implementation of changes in the format of future publications to enable you to be ready with updates to your systems that are dependent on this information provided by WIPO.

As from January, 2006, International Patent Classification (IPC) reform and ST.36 implementation require that WIPO changes its publication product formats. This will affect the following WIPO products:

  • Weekly Published Bibliographic Data through FTP Server (formerly known as SPIDI FTP): the SPIDI XML product will be replaced by a new XML product on the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site containing the wo-published-application.xml for all published international applications of the current week
  • The Article 20 and Weekly Published International Applications on DVD (formerly known as Rule 87 DVDs) will contain PCT publications with the following changes:
    • XML files will be provided in the published international applications compliant with the revised wo-published-application.dtd;
    • Search quality OCR data will be added; and
    • SPIDI XML products will no longer be included

These changes will apply from the first publication of 2006, that is on January 5, 2006. It should be noted that when requesting documents through the Communication on Request (COR) service, PCT pamphlets created prior to January, 2006 will be provided in the format in which they were originally produced. Said documents are available at the following URL:

The International Bureau has been publishing PCT International Application information using two formats for some time (wo-published-application.dtd and SPIDI XML). As these products contain identical data the International Bureau will take this opportunity to formally stop the production of the SPIDI XML and will distribute the revised wo-published-application.dtd format with effect from January 2006.

Please refer to the documentation listed below for further details.




These samples have been prepared manually using existing published applications as a starting point.  These samples should not be used as production data.

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