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Technology Focus: Traditional Medicine

 This service provides a unique overview of the most recent global patenting activity in the highly topical field of traditional medical knowledge. It allows you to browse through published international patent applications under the newly introduced IPC main group for traditional medicine based on natural products (A61K-36). Note that since this is a new classification group, it only applies to patent documents published since its introduction in January 1, 2006.  Contact WIPO for information about searching for earlier documents in this area.

Features include:

  • Access to the results of pre-defined searches for the selected category See search results
  • Graphical view of the search results for the selected category Graphical view of search results
  • Monitoring of patent activity through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) (More information...) RSS

General Search

  • For a general search on traditional herbal medicines, browse all recent international applications filed in A61K-36

Detailed Search

  • A more precise search on medicinal preparations based on a specific class of biological material.

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