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Patent Analysis 


A closer look at recent developments in selected technologies.

This service provides, through technology reports as well as pre-defined searches of the latest published PCT international patent applications, a quick visualization of developments in selected technologies. The technologies have been selected on the basis of public interest or relevance to prominent areas of public policy.

The search terms are based mainly on the International patent documents according to its technological subject. For each technology search, you will be able to refine the search by entering relevant keywords.

This service, linked to PATENTSCOPE Search Service, enables you, for selected technologies, to :

  • Track the overall rate of international patent activity
  • Monitor the different players, including private firms, public institutions and individual inventors working in the selected technology area
  • Review the geographical spread of patenting activity
  • Access related documents, such as international search reports
  • Follow up patenting activity at the national level in certain countries
  • Conduct more specific searches linked to a defined subclass you are interested in
  • Subscribe to regular RSS updates of new patent activity in your area of interest

Further topics will be shortly added to the list below and, as the technologies evolve, some topics might be removed.


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