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Publications related to patents

Patents represent a vast source of information covering every field of technology. Users can now refer to a range of publications designed to assist them in exploiting patent information to obtain:

  • Technical data;
  • Legal information;
  • Business intelligence; and
  • Public policy-relevant data.
patentscope search & clir  Finding technology using Patents  WIPO Guide to using Patent information

This publication is designed to familiarize users with the features of the PATENTSCOPE search service and related resources. [PDF]

This publication is also available in:
- Arabic [PDF]
- Chinese [PDF]
- French [PDF]
- German [PDF]
- Japanese [PDF]
- Russian [PDF]
- Spanish [PDF]

This introduction to finding technology using patents provides a general overview of the information contained in patent documents and sources from which patent information can be obtained. [PDF]

This introduction is also available in:
- French [PDF]]
- Spanish [PDF]

This guide is intended to assist users in using patent information, describing different search strategies and techniques as well as approaches for analyzing search results. [PDF]

This guide is also available in:
- French [PDF]

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