World Intellectual Property Organization

Priority Document Access Service

Why use this service?


Applicants Offices
  • Simply ask the Office of first filing to add the priority document into the system, and request Offices of second filing to use the service for obtaining access.
  • Enable access by Offices of second filing by marking checkboxes through the on-line service.
  • Share documents with other Offices.
  • Offer a new service at low cost for local applicants wishing to file applications in other countries.
  • No need to provide a certified copy of a priority document separately to each Office of second filing.
  • Three alternative routes for making a priority document available through the service, taking national legal constraints into account.
  • Use of an access code to authorize access.
  • Data exchange via secure channels.
  • Service hosted and administered by WIPO.
  • No or reduced need to prepare, check or scan certified copies on paper.
  • No need to deal with different transmission and document formats.
  • No need to establish secure connections to multiple Offices.
  • Modify at any time the list of Offices of second filing that are entitled to access.
  • Change the access code generated by the service to a code of your choice.
  • Exchanges via secure channels.
  • Service hosted by WIPO.
  • No need to pay for multiple copies of paper priority documents.
  • No charges by WIPO. Offices can charge, but it is expected that most will not.
  • Simple service delivered through channels already existing at most automated Offices.

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